Bamyan 1 MW solar project powering communities 24/7

25th October 2013

Bamyan Solar project powers up

The Bamyan 1 MW Solar project was officially opened on 26 October 2013, with power now being provided to consumers in the network.

Sustainable Energy Services International (SESI), as lead contractor on the project, will enter into a one year service and support period to ensure that the training and capacity building program completed during the project is embedded and the financial, managerial and technical procedures provided are assimilated into the local utility.

The project was fully funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and brings power to 2,500 homes, businesses and government offices.

The installation uses SMA Multicluster technology to enable the use of smaller inverter blocks grouped together to provide off grid capacity into the hundreds of kW. Deep cycle battery technology from Crown USA is installed and is expected to provide reliable, non-stop power for a minimum of 12 years. Power is delivered through a 21 kV transmission network with financial sustainability ensured through the use of pre paid metering for each point of consumption.