One of the major thrusts of the rebuilding process in Afghanistan has been to provide reliable electricity to rural and semi-urban areas in the country. In many places it is the first time power has ever been provided. SESI focuses on providing power to areas that have not been properly, or ever, served before.

As of 2007, it was estimated that 90% of the population was without access to modern forms of electricity and those who had access to electricity were subject to frequent power cuts. Many  communities that did have power provided by international efforts in the mid and early 2000’s received diesel generators that  the community were unable to service and sustain.

SESI's projects in Afghanistan are changing all that. With 10 full-time staff on the ground, the company has completed the 100-kW Panjshir Wind Power Project and the 105-kW Sayed Karam Solar PV Project, as well as two 20-kW wind/solar hybrid projects and small-scale electrification of clinics, schools and orphanages. We are also lead renewables contractor on the delivery of a 1.05 MW solar PV renewable energy project in the Bamyan area of the country on behalf of the New Zealand Government.  This contract is now powering local communities with reliable 24/7 power to improve the socio-economic situation of recipients.  SESI looks forward to providing the professional technical and managerial backstop needed by the communities to ensure true sustainability.