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Panjshir valley wind energy


The Panjshir wind power project is a 100 kW wind/diesel hybrid project funded by the US State Dept through the Panjshir PRT.  The project was originally designed by PRT engineers to be an on-grid project, but then modified to to incorporate a diesel/battery/inverter system to reflect the extremely weak grid access in the area.  The project involves the construction of 10 x 10 kW Bergey Windpower turbines, a concrete powerhouse and associated inverter and battery systems high on a ridge in the Panjshir valley.  Windspeeds of around 6.5 m/s are noted there due to the diurnal movement of air up and down the valley each day.  The project site was too remote for crane access and the 30m towers and turbines were all installed using gin poles and winches.  Maintenance and operation of the project is handled by the Panjshir Governor's office and SESI remains available in Kabul to support the project as required.