Shah Delir 140 kW Francis turbine


The Shah Delir hydro electric project involved the refurbishment of a previously failed project, and the installation of a 140 kW francis turbine for the US State Dept, via its Task Force for Business Stability Operations (TFBSO).  A complete overhaul and reconstruction was necessary for all civil works, including the intake and forebay.  A 3km canal was completely rebuilt, including tunnelling around areas prone to slipping.  The power house was rebuilt and the horizontal francis turbine installed along with all hydraulic control and synchronisation systems.  The transmission and distribution network was rebuilt and pre paid metering installed to ensure that the Shura has access to the revenues needed for sustainable operations.

The project site was particularly challenging with numerous security issues to be dealt with in the course of its execution.  SESI is very proud of the successful completion of the project for TFBSO in this most difficult location.

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